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Access and Attendance Control Systems

Designing, supplying, servicing and overhauls of the access control and the attendance control systems.

Access and attendance control systems (ACS) are identification systems that use contact or contactless identifiers. At present, contact identifiers are being replaced by the contactless ones.

Systems can also be supplied with accessories, such as turnstiles, bars, gates etc. Types of systems:

  • Contactless – cards are used
  • Biometric – using biometric data of people (fingerprints, eye scans) – suitable for high degree of security
  • Attendance – attendance control systems make employee attendance control faster and more accurate and enables to monitor current presence of people at their workplace.
  • Access system
  • Entrances and parking areas
  • Catering control
  • Automated recognition of car number plates
  • Software
  • Patrol inspection systems